eco-friendly event



The event takes place in a sensitive natural environment. All those involved in the event are committed to preserve the environment’s equilibrium.


Together, members of the trail running community act as ambassadors for the promotion and preservation of natural spaces.

The trail's core value

The UTCC is proud to position itself as an eco-responsible race. In order to minimize our footprint on our territory and on the planet, we have developed the following action plan.



Giving our food surpluses to Récupération alimentaire Haute-Gaspésie whose mission is to reduce food waste and redistribute food amongst organizations in the region. 

Repairing all damaged equipment before replacing it.

Sharing our equipment with local oganizations: borrowing rather than buying.

Reusing the medals in inventory and producing only the missing quantities.





Reducing packaging and single-use goods:

  • Using reusable and/or returnable barrels to fill water bottles - no plastic water bottle service

  • Serving the food in the retractable glasses of our runners

  • Favoring bulk purchases rather than unitary packaging.

Encouraging digital documentation over printing.

Using biodegradable rather than synthetic cleaning products.


Integrating the collection of organic waste into our waste management stations in a region where compost infrastructure is not available.

Recycling the returnable containers using Consignaction bins.

Using bibs made from FSC certified paper that can be recycled.

Using compostable and/or recyclable containers when the usage of reusable dishes is not possible.


Le Malbord La Missive.jpg


Rethink your business model, our procurement and our consumption in order to make our operations part of a circular economy logic.


Choosing and promoting products from the region.

Getting our participants used to not anticipating promotional gifts that end up being thrown away most of the time.

Taking action to reduce our ecological footprint and to contribute to the well-being of our community.


runners, you can make a difference

Bring your water bottle, your retractable glass and your utensils.

Opt for homemade meals and snacks instead of takeout.

Dispose of your waste in the appropriate dumpsters onsite.


Do not attempt to pet wildlife, and most importantly, do not offer food to wild animals.

Try not to step on the vegetation.

Consider carpooling.

thanks to our contributors