La Grande traversée is UTCC’s queen of challenges. With a trail cumulating 5700 meters of positive vertical, this race is one of the most difficult circuit in North America. This round-trip trail is semi self-sufficient. You will have to cross nine summits, most of them over 900 m of altitude.



Round-trip semi self-sufficient trail including 8 aid stations, within which 3 of them are solid and liquid equipped. First aid teams will be waiting there too. Other 1st aids teams will be place all along the route.Volunteers will be at the other aid stations with water and other resources.

18 years old +


Distance: 113 km

Vertical: +5700 m

Maximum number of participants:




Beginning and end of the race at the Village. Racers start by climbing to the Mont Albert’s summit (1088m), pass by its plateau at the top and then climb down by the south face to get to the checkpoint La Paruline. After that, they take the direction of Mont du Milieu (950m) and Mont Ells (1000m) and get to the checkpoint Lac Cascapédia. The trail goes on until the intersection where is checkpoint, Refuge de La Mésange. The racers continue to Mont Blizzard (976 m) and Mont Arthur-Allen (980m) summits to arrive half of the race at Refuge Lac Thibault. For the way back, the racers take the same way they came, passing by La Cascapédia, Refuge  la Paruline and arrive at Versant junction. Then, they will start a technical and steep descent in La Grande Cuve Mont-Albert to arrive at checkpoint La Serpentine. Last summit to climb, Mont Olivine to finally going down to the Village finishing 111km La Grande Traversée. 

The racers will climb 14 summits in total going from medium to hard technical with an altitude from 670m and 1088m.

Aid stations:


Going : refuge La Paruline (solid and liquid) (18,7 km), Lac Cascapédia (solid and liquid) (27,1 km), jonction pic de l’aube (41,7 km), refuge du Lac Thibault (52,3 km).


Way back : pic de l’aube juntion (62,8 km), Lac Cascapédia (solid and liquid) (77,4 km), refuge La Paruline (85,8 km), abri La Serpentine (100,1 km), Village (113 km).

Time limit


25 hours


Awards podium


Sunday at 11:00 am


ITRA points


5  (click here for more information on ITRA points)


Registration includes:


Registering include : participation fees, access to the Gaspésie National Park fees, timing, race time results details, secured and marked trails, checkpoints with liquid and solid items, ravito at the Village, qualified first aid teams, medals, podiums and prices, toilets and showers’ access, one picture of you on the trail, one beer coupon, music and gatherings on the site, drop bags logistic.



Individual     $365
Team of 2     $195 each
Team of 3     $145 each
Team of 4     $120 each

Taxes are included.