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Friday August 16th
Start 2:00 PM
Accueil poste John, Réserve Faunique de Matane



50 hours


9,500 m


15 stations


770 m

running - B.png

100 runners

alt max

1,139 m





Since the 2022 edition, for safety reasons, all participants of the 170 km must have completed an official 100 km race or longer within the last 3 years (2020 to 2024). 

Not accepted:
- Stage races
- A distance done outside an event (e.g. personal challenge, training)
- Backyard formula
- A road race

This condition will be verified at registration by submitting the results of this race.


This linear race takes off at the entrance to the Chic-Chocs, close to the welcome station at Réserve Faunique de Matane. Following the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) for 170 km, the finish is at the UTCC Village at the bottom of Mont-Albert.

The first 37 km section takes you to the first peaks of the Chic-Chocs (Charles-Édouard Vézina, aux Perches, William Price, Petchedez and Nid de l'Aigle). A brutal alternation of ascents and descents on ultra-technical trails all the way to the Lac Matane camp. Progress will be very slow on these trails. Of particular note is the final 1.5 km descent from the Nid de l'Aigle for 400 m of descent towards the Lac Matane aid station. The valley of Lac Matane will fill you with wonder as you refuel.

The second 44 km section begins by heading east up the Lac Matane valley to the foot of Mont Nicol Albert on the Rivière Cap-Chat. Once again, you'll cross several Chic-Chocs peaks, including Le Craggy, Le Pointu, the famous Mont Blanc and its spectacular views, and finish with the steep descent of Nicol Albert. The trails remain extremely technical, and progress will once again be very slow on this section. 

With the halfway point now behind you, a 38 km stretch will take you to Lac Thibault. You'll then begin a beautiful, gradual 10 km ascent to the summit of Mont Matawee, one of our Chic-Chocs favourites. You'll then leave the Réserve Faunique de Matane to enter the Parc National de la Gaspésie and reach the summit of Mont Logan at 1150 m altitude. The remainder of the IAT up to Lac Thibault will take you over several peaks at over 1000 m altitude, all on highly technical trails. However, there are a few places where you can stretch your legs even further. 

The fourth and final 50 km section is a real eye-catcher, with passes over Pic du Brûlé, Mont du Milieu and the legendary Mont-Albert, the emblematic figure of the Chic-Chocs. Once again, the elevation gain will be considerable on this section. Nevertheless, it should be the "rolling " part of the route. The final kilometers at the base of Mont-Albert will take you all the way to the finish line at the UTCC Village.

UTCC 2022-237.jpg

aid stations

Ruisseau des Pitounes

12 km

Solid and liquid

Lac Tombereau

25 km

Solid and liquid

Lac Matane

37 km

Solid et liquid

Lac Gros Ruisseau

47 km

Solid and liquid

Mont Blanc

59 km

Solid and liquid

Lac Beaulieu

66 km

Solid and liquid

Petit Sault

80 km

Solid and liquid


98 km

Solid and liquid


108 km

Solid and liquid

Lac Thibault

118 km

Solid and liquid


123 km

Solid and liquid

Lac Cascapédia

137 km

Solid and liquid

La Paruline

147 km

Solid and liquid

La Serpentine

161 km

Solid and liquid

Village UTCC

170 km

Solid and liquid


  • Satellite communication device *

  • Minimum 1.5 L of water

  • Water purification tablet or gourd with filter

  • Energy supplements

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Mid-layer

  • Pants

  • Cap or Buff®

  • Beanie

  • Gloves

  • Whistle 

  • Survival blanket (140 cm x 200 cm)

  • Headlamp with extra batteries

  • Retractable glass or tumbler - eco-cup type **

  • Spoon and/or fork **

  • Cellphone in a waterproof bag

  • Basic first aid kit

  • Small bell

* Provided by the organisation

* *There will be no single-us dishes available

recommended EQUIPMENT

  • Hiking pools or crampons

  • Spare shoes and socks

  • Warm coat for all weather conditions

  • 2nd headlamp

drop bag

4 drop bags allowed.

You will have access to your bag at the aid stations:

  • Lac Matane km-37

  • Petit Sault km-80

  • Lac Thibault km-118

  • Lac Cascapédia km-137

You have to drop-off your bag at the Village UTCC during your check-in. Bags will be available for pick up on Sunday. 


" pacer "

Pacers are permitted for the night section from Lac Matane (km-37) to Petit Sault (km-80km), and from Lac Cascapédia (km-137) to the finish.

Rules to be observed:

  • He must wear a pacer bib that will be given to him at registration and must wear it visibly at all times.

  • He can get to an aid station as well as the crew.

  • The pacer is responsible for his own transportation to the starting point.

  • The pacer must stay with the runner at all times and may not arrive before the runner at a checkpoint to start resupplying, except in case of emergency.

  • In case of emergency, the pacer may go and get assistance.

  • In no circumstance may the pacer take the personal belongings of the runner.

  • He cannot physically assist the runner, except in case of emergency.

To register your pacer, please send an email to


" crew "

Given the complexity of the terrain, it is strongly recommended that 170 km participants have a support team.

Crews will be able to join their runners at these aid stations only:

  • Lac Matane : km-37

  • Petit Sault: km-80

  • Lac Thibault : km-118

  • Lac Cascapédia : km-137

Only 1 vehicle allowed per team, as space is very limited.

The masculine form used in this text is gender neutral and refers to both men and women.


Departure: Friday 11:30 a.m.

Meeting point : UTCC Village


  • Be sure to pick up your race number before boarding.

  • Please arrive 15 min prior to boarding.

  • Shuttle seats are reserved for registered athletes.

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